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Confident salary negotiations in 60 minutes

Learn the skills you need from leading negotiation professors, authors, and practitioners.

98% of students recommend

Leading business schools use PayNegotiation to teach salary negotiation to their students and alumni



We are obsessed with feedback. Here are some of the key numbers we have collected. For more details of the over 700 feedback responses, you can view our  live feedback survey here


1.7% (4)


98.3% (225)


98% of students (giving feedback since 2018) say they would recommend the course.

Would you recommend the course?

98.6% of students say they plan to use advice from the course in their next negotiation.

Do you plan to use the advice?



in improving their offer/terms

More than 70% of students who had had a negotiation reported that they were able to negotiate some improvement.


28% (25)


72% (65)

Did you improve your offer?

Feedback and results

Learn from

world class experts.

Learn from our panel of world-class authors, careers experts, and negotiation professors.

Why PayNegotiation?

Easy to follow and structured video course.

In 10 video-based modules our international experts take the sting out of the process, showing you how to prepare and present your case, hold your ground, and avoid selling yourself short.


The course is taught by some of the world’s leading negotiation and carers experts and is used by more than 30 leading business schools.

Ready to get started with the course?

See how we benefit your school.

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