Pay Negotiation


More than 5,000 MBA students and alumni from more than 50 different business schools have now taken the course. We survey every one of them and more than 70% of those who have had a negotiation after watching the course report improved offers/situations. Here are some of the comments we have been authorised to share:

“As the course advised, I resisted negotiation during the interview until after an offer was made to me. I did this with confidence and managed to get an improvement in both salary and perks.”
- INSEAD MBA, Financial Services
“The videos are brilliant: The combination of academics and practitioners as guest speakers, and actors to role-play the situations, produces an engaging learning experience. Also the learning points are very clear: not too many, not too few and their writing on the screen facilitates the memorisation process.”
- Julie Dagonet, LBS MBA 2010
“I felt better prepared after watching the course and successfully negotiated housing support and a severance package.”
- INSEAD MBA graduate
“I followed the advice & received double the pay!”
- MBA, Multilingual Business Consultant
“Excellent. Well structured and good advice.”
- Software Consultant, MBA alumnus, Australian Graduate School of Management
“The negotiation went very well thanks! After getting a formal letter of a job offer - I went in person to negotiate the terms further. The new employer has agreed for my company to pay for my MBA fees for next year in full. With a salary review in the diary for Oct 2011. Thanks you so much for the excellent videos! I have recommended you to several people.”
- EMBA student, Imperial College
“I definitely felt more confident using a structured approach and knowing some of the potential pitfalls. Whilst I did not get a better deal during my recent negotiation, it helped me to know that it was not possible with this particular job/organization. I am glad that I tried and know that I received everything that was on offer. I have already recommended the site to other people.”
- Insead alumnus; Partner, Asset Management Company, Switzerland
“The course advises against speaking too much and trying to learn about what the employer wants. This is really good advice and I was able to negotiate a car allowance, private healthcare and more vacation.”
- Project Manager, Healthcare
“I found the expressions used in the course very useful. With confidence I got a higher base salary and relocation expenses.”
- Insead MBA graduate
“I was definitely more confident after watching the course and I managed to increase the sign on bonus on offer by 25%.”
- MBA graduate, Strategic Marketing Project Manager
“I negotiated a sign-on bonus, share options and retirement benefits by making a counter offer that used the law of reciprocity.”
- Strategic Planner, Pharmaceuticals
“By not disclosing of my previous salary, I was able to get a sign-on bonus and a higher salary.”
- Project Manager, IT Networking
“The videos were very helpful in getting an improved sign-on bonus and a relocation package.”
- Insead MBA graduate
“The course gave me more confidence. From this I managed agree to a better bonus & extra expenses.”
- Research Associate, Business Management University
“I definitely learned a lot from the course. For my last negotiation I can probably attribute a 10% to 15% increase in the overall package to what I have learned from the online course. Previously, I always had a tendency to try and justify my salary and ended up talking too much. In this case, I let the other party (the hiring and HR managers) do most of the talking. And I looked at ways to get to a package that made sense for both parties through a combination of base + variable (bonus) + sign-on bonus + equity.”
- MBA graduate, Information Technology and Services
“We look forward to having this site accessible to all Imperial business school students”
- MBA participant, Imperial Business School
“Great idea. I'm planning to use these techniques in the next few weeks when I negotiate my salary.”
- MBA student, Cass Business School
“I used to discuss salaries as if there was a yardstick to measure salary for every job. I used to lay my cards well before it was required just because the interviewer has demanded it. Now I know it can change till the last moment.”
- MBA Participant, Lancaster University Management School
“I have just watched the first and some for the second module and have seen enough! I think it is excellent!”
- Director of Career Development, Top-ranked UK businesses school
“Really good. In particular I liked the consultants you use, they look experienced and I like the fact they come from different countries giving an international flavour and adding to the credibility of their advice”
- EMBA participant, Country Manager, Anheuser-Busch International
“I believe you've done a very good job!! The topics are very useful especially for young professionals (like me) and not only. The website is well designed and easy to navigate. Congrats! ”
- MBA student, Aarhus School of Business
“I have always found salary negotiation nerve-wracking...After watching the lessons I felt more in control. I had already agreed to work part-time but on top of that I negotiated a 30% increase in salary over the original contract. Watching the videos made me feel I had a lot more power in the negotiation than I had realised. ”
- Journalist, London
“I like the summary approach that's quick to watch over an evening before a negotiation.”
- Insead MBA graduate
“The videos are fantastic. They are short and to the point.”
- MBA Job Skills Coordinator, Top-40 ranking businesses school
“It summarizes the key points quite clearly, making you remember them fast and act accordingly during the salary negotiations.”
- Insead MBA student
“It was useful and I used some if the advice directly. More importantly it increased my confidence.”
- Imperial College MBA graduate
“Definitely useful, many great examples of real life were probably the most relevant and impactful.”
- Insead MBA working in finance
“It gave me confidence to negotiate and ask for more, when offered a new position, despite that the employer tried to make it clear that they had a rigid pay and benefits structure, which could not be changed. I managed a 5.5% increase on the base salary, and a 100% bonus guarantee for the first 6 months.”
- Alumnus, Lancaster University Management School
“I am a negotiations trainer for businesses, and was very impressed with this site. While it does not replace face to face training, with feedback and practise, it is an excellent support. I, personally, found the advice useful and applied it in a different negotiating setting - and this transferability could be emphasised (for example, it is always a good idea to ask open questions and leave silence when negotiating, whether for pay or not..)... ”
- Survey Respondent, Oct 2010
“The Silence Technique had a great impact!”
“The production quality, content and the people make it a really good package. .. I am more than convinced that most people after watching these videos will be able to get a better deal for themselves.”
- Imperial College MBA student
“The videos raised points I hadn't even thought of in relation to pay negotiations and I found the messages clear and easily understandable. Being able to watch them again and again at my leisure is great.”
- Information Expert at The British Library